Hello lovely  –  Liz & Kate here. Thanks for stopping by – we are so excited you are here! TODAY is THE DAY. We are SO thrilled to be launching Sharing Sisterhood Blog! This is something that we have talked about for quite some time but have always put it on the back burner for one reason or another.  One positive we found in being quarantined was finding the time and courage to start this space where we are able to share things that light our fire. Being quarantined in our homes really put a lot of things in perspective. Our goal for Sharing Sisterhood Blog is to inspire gals like YOU through sharing about our day to day lives and our relationship as sisters. Sharing Sisterhood is a Lifestyle blog that will focus on our personal styles, home decor, all things family, travel adventures, and other fun things along the way that we feel inspired to share. Our ‘Get To Know Us’ page does a pretty good job of giving you guys a short and sweet summary of the both of us, but we thought it would be fun to kick off Sharing Sisterhood with 10 fun facts about each of us. E N J O Y!

  1. We all have a daily routine that requires us to be going, going all day with little down time. At the end of my days my absolute favorite thing to do is listen to my favorite music – Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Sam Hunt rank at the top of my list at the moment and help me RELAX.
  2. One of my biggest goals after I graduate (yes, I am a baby still)  is to travel! France is at the top of my bucket list. It seems like such a magical place to go! 
  3. Summer is definitely the time of the year where I THRIVE – haha! I’ve always loved Summer because it’s a time that allows me to be spontaneous and explore places I’ve never been and that’s definitely something my sister and I have in common. We are looking forward to planning a ‘Sister Roadtrip’ just as soon as it is safe enough to do so, of course.
  4.  I couldn’t write this list without having one thing that has caused our mom to gain a few gray hairs over the years. One year our parents were on a kid-less vacation, so Liz had to babysit me. At the time my sister had a very short bob haircut that she thought looked like Victoria Beckham –  naturally, I wanted this haircut for myself because my big sis had it and it was cool.  I BEGGED Liz to take me to a hair salon to get that same haircut. It was a drastic angled bob. She finally agreed and without telling our mom, she  took me down to the Supercuts to make it a done deal. Side note:  I have very thick, poofy, curly hair vs. my sisters fine/straight hair, so you can imagine this story didn’t end particularly well. Needless to say, I got my new bob haircut. But what we didn’t think about was once I washed my hair and it was no longer straight my hair that I would then have a mini afro! So, for the remainder of that school year I had to wear my hair in a little pony tail that immediately poofed into every direction – it was awful. Even though this haircut didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned and our mom was really mad at us, this is a story my sister and I will always have to look back on for a good laugh.  
  5. If there is one place that I love more than anywhere else in this world, it is Rockport, Texas. Rockport is a homey coastal town about 30 minutes from Corpus Christi. It is a place that allows you to relax, explore, and it has a special way of bringing families closer together. Rockport is somewhere that we spend many of the holidays together as a family –  I’m fortunate to call this lil beach town my second home.
  1. My ideal night is staying in with some comfy pajamas and Netflix with my best friends or my family.  It’s the simple things – sitting on the couch, drinking a Chick-Fil-A sweet tea and watching some of my fav. Netflix shows. *perfection*
  2. I love expressing myself through fashion and looking forward to sharing some good fashion finds with all of you — Marshalls, TJMaxx, Target and Altered State are a few of my favorite places to shop right now!
  3. A lot of my spare time is spent playing Tennis – I play on the Varsity team at school as well as for a private Tennis Club. Stay tuned for some impressive tan lines that I am sure will make an appearance – sorry in advance!  
  4. Our fam has two pups, Cora & Millie. They are two peas in a pod and make our house a home. I am sure they will photobomb many pics in the future. 
  5.  Out of the two of us, I am definitely the more ‘low key’ sister. I’d consider myself more of an observer and a little more quiet in a group of people but my sis and I are a perfect pair and I think that is why we get along so well – we balance each other out. We are excited to share our special bond with all of you through Sharing Sisterhood Blog!  
  1. I am the oldest sibling of 3 – there is a 14 year age difference between Kate & I. I’ll let you guys figure out the math later. [he he] We also have a brother, Justin who is the middle sibling – what a lucky fella he is. He is basically me with a buzz cut. 
  2. I recently married the LOML, Jake on March 13th, 2020 in Alys Beach, FL. It was a great day! Stay tuned for a blog post on the dets.   
  3. I am a big planner and the master of making to-do lists. It’s a blessing and a curse but it’s in my DNA. Sorry, Jake!  
  4. I LOVE hats – all kinds. You will probably notice that rather quickly. They are like a security blanket for me and I feel like they are the cherry on top of most outfits!
  5. I have a robe fetish – no lie.  I am cold twentyfourseven so putting on my robe is usually first on my list when I get home. Fuzzy socks are second. 
  1. Chick-Fil-A large sweet tea – Nuff said. I don’t know how this wasn’t my #1 fact. I always have one in hand and I am bound to lose all of my teeth one day as a result. 
  2. I love making spaces prettier. I am that person that comes to your house and starts moving stuff around – sorry not sorry. I usually shop on a budget but will splurge if needed to get what I want – HomeGoods is where you can find me at least once a week. You can probably find my mom there on any day that ends in Y- she gets it from her mama. 
  3. I graduated from Texas A&M with a Degree in Horticulture and an Emphasis in Floral Design and Event Planning. Now I am a Recruiter – makes perfect sense, right? 
  4. Bubble baths are LIFE and how I unwind at night – I don’t believe in showers and couldn’t tell you the last time I took one. 
  5.  Jake and I rescued our SON, Tanner on Thanksgiving Day 2017. We found him on Tanner Road in Houston. He was a 40 lb dirty lil fella and now he is 80 pounds of pure love. We are obsessed with him. I am sure he will make a blog appearance one of these days!

There you have it, folks – a lil icebreaker for our first post. We are excited to get to know you gals better through this space. We hope you come back soon as we will be posting consistent content that we think you will enjoy!



  • Sam

    Loved reading those lists! I also love chick-fil-a sweet tea, who doesn’t?! I can’t wait to see what else you gals have in store for us! Love y’all!



  • Alyssa

    Love this and love y’all! <3


      We LOVE YOU! Thanks for the love on our new adventure. 🙂

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