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It’s FINALLY September! Can I get a WOOHOO?!!!! I think we are all ready for a change in seasons. I’m ECSTATIC for today’s blog post because thrifting has become a new hobby of mine and is so much fun! Bringing older pieces back to life in creative ways makes for more money in the wallet and some unique outfits! Recently, I had a successful thrifting spree and came out with 5 items that I wanted to style and share with you all! Before I get into the items I found and how I styled them, I first want to go over the mindset I recommend to have while thrifting. It can be overwhelming and oftentimes a hit or miss. For me, I’ve always loved the idea of thrifting – seeing influencers construct amazing outfits out of reused clothing has always inspired me. When I entered a thrift store for the first time  I suddenly felt lost and had no idea what to look for because they aren’t always the most organized so you have to be pretty determined to search. After watching countless YouTube videos telling me all the rights and wrongs, what brands to specifically look for, etc. I suddenly realized all these influencers had different techniques and there really is no “right way” to approach thrift shopping. So, as you read through the rest of this post and see how I styled all of my reused items, I hope you see that there are so many ways you can approach thrifting and truly make it your own. That is the fun it it after all!

  1. Orange cardigan [cue T.Swift ‘Cardigan’ please]

Oh, how much I love a good Fall colored cardi! This deep orange cardigan from Plato’s Closet was my first find and was something I was definitely on the hunt for. Cardigans have been in style recently and are honestly one of my favorite trends at the moment. When I first picked up this cardigan I thought it was kinda boring, so to spice it up I decided to layer it by wearing a lacy tank from Zara to add some flare. I then paired it with my fav mom jeans from Walmart (look at Walmart coming thru!). Next, I found these really edgy Sam Edelman snake skin boots in Liz’s closet [ha – that’s what sisters are for, amiright?] and thought it added a little bit of edge to this look! Finally, I added the trustey ole wide brim hat, a gold necklace that Liz actually thrifted awhile back and BOOM the outfit is complete and Fall ready!

2. Guess T-Shirt

Next up is this super cute Guess tee that I found at my local Goodwill! I think we definitely all remember when Guess brand was super in style and I still really like the brand, so this was such a great find! One of the biggest take-aways I had from my thrifting trip is to not be afraid to look in the mens section! They had an abundance of tee’s that are great for styling and that is where I found this gem as well. For this outfit I went a little more casual, by styling this over-sized tee with my walmart mom jeans, a jean jacket tied around the waist and some simple platform white sneakers. To add a little flare I wore the thrifted gold necklace again! I think jewelry is such an easy and cool way to spice up an outfit!

3. Green Wide Leg Pants

This next outfit is giving me Folklore/ Lumineers vibes and I’m loving it – haha! These green pants from Plato’s Closet were such an amazing find and I knew I had to have them the second I saw them! I feel like with these pants there are so many ways you could go to make a complete outfit, which really allows you to be as creative as you want. For this look, I went with an edgier vibe and paired it with this Johnny Cash tee, some pointy toe Marc Fisher boots from Nordstrom and a fierce black wide brimmed hat. Am I crazy or does a hat just complete most outfits??

4. Navy Sweater

This outfit is the definition of transitioning from Summer to Fall and is SO easy to put together! This cropped navy sweater is another one of my thrifted items from Plato’s Closet and is such a versatile piece. For this look specifically, I took one of my old Summer dresses and threw the sweater on top to add another layer for those cool Fall days. Then I added the white platform sneakers,s some gold Zara hoop earrings, tied my hair back into a half up half down bun and the look was complete. You will definitely see Liz and I rocking this look a lot this Fall. We can’t let all of our summer dresses just collect dust until the Spring! 😉

5. Striped Turtle Neck

We’re bringing back the 90’s with this thrifted Tommy Hilfiger turtleneck from Goodwill! For this item I decided to keep it pretty simple by tucking it into some Target mom jeans and pairing it with some classic white converse. Then to add some flare, Liz had the idea to throw over this over sized green quilted jacket and I honestly love how this look turned out! Throwing a jacket over your shoulders really makes an outfit look chic with minimal effort! 

I really hope y’all enjoyed all of these looks and hopefully gave y’all some inspiration to go thrift shopping for yourself soon. Make sure to tag us and show off your amazing thrift finds!

I have linked as many of the items as I could + some similar items to achieve these looks below each outfit above ^^ . You can also follow us in the Liketoknowit shopping app (sharingsisterhood) to shop all of our posts instantly!

Happy thrifting, yall!



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